Saturday, April 14, 2012

Play Report #1

The regular game got off to a good start a couple months ago with three players. Fatima the Wizard, Red the Specialist and Nyrad the Dwarf, explored a large inhabited island.

They picked up a traveling companion while walking through farmland south of a large swamp. Stopping for the night in a farmhouse in the small village of Dursey, they learned that it was recently attacked by lizardfolk from the swamp. Nyrad used his expert Dwarf masonry skills to repair a stone wall that was damaged in the attack. In the middle of the night they woke up to find that they were being robbed by their traveling companion. They kicked him out of the shed and in the morning both he and the characters' mule were gone.

They walked for two days, I think, and arrived at the edge of the swamp, which is called the Shallow Fields, on the evening of the second. They were worried about lizard attacks, so they set up a decoy camp where the swamp began, lit a fire there and took up positions a ways away to see what would happen. When lizardfolk showed up, the characters started shooting arrows at them. When the lizards charged, Fatima used a spell to turn the surface of the swamp in front of them into ice so that they slipped and fell, allowing the party to get enough attacks in to scare them off.

It's been over a week, so I'm not completely sure, but I think that despite suffering some pretty bad wounds, the party decided to press on and travel during the night. I think they were hoping to get through the swamp and out of lizard territory as soon as possible. At some point during the night, a gloom moth was drawn to the light of their torch. Two of the three were hypnotized by the shifting patterns of its wings, and they began to walk like zombies toward the monster. Fatima knocked the others to the ground and broke the spell. Then they hacked up the moth.

After some travel, they arrived at the town of Haxby to find most of the town in the process of executing a convicted heretic. They were a little leery of the proceedings, especially when they learned that the guy was being killed on the orders of a newcomer in town, a member of an inquisitorial monastic order, but they didn't interfere. I think some other things happened in Haxby, but they basically decided to not fuck with it and followed the road to the city of Bittersedge, arriving there in a couple days.

Which is where they are now!

Other things that they know:
There's a black dragon named Cruel Sue in the Wormwood, a forest east of the Shallow Fields and north of Dursey.
There's an evil cult operating in the village of Wandesford, across the sea (the sound?) to the north. They may be tied to a large burial complex under the barrows there.
The Pirate ship "Butcher" has been hassling trade all around the region. The Bittersedge militia will pay anyone really well for taking any part in their downfall.
Goblins have been growing stronger and more numerous. Everyone knows that they use the ancient prison of Stonehell, near Bittersedge, as a base.

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