Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Map

 Here's the map of the whole campaign region, which I think I'm calling Bitter's Reach. I decided that players would be able to see the whole thing, rather than having to discover it piece by piece. This is partly because I think making it accessible give players a whole lot more agency and ability to make decisions, which leads to more player investment, and partly cause I spent forever on it and I'm proud of it. If you're following the OSR at all, you probably recognize some of the names- Stonehell, Barrowmaze, the Stargazer's Tower and so on. I also stole names from maps that Zak S. has posted, from China Mieville, Google maps and all kinds of other sources that I've forgotten about now. The PC's are now camping in the countryside near the Barrowmaze, if you're curious.

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