Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Campaign Developments

Since it's been months since the last time I posted, and my very well be a long time before I next post, here are a couple of "status of the campaign" notes.

  • As of 3 or 4 sessions ago, the players have really begun to take the "mapping the Barrowmaze" project seriously. They have a pretty accurate map with two entrances on it.
  • The party is trying to find what in the Barrowmaze printed product is called "The Fount of Law". I've turned it into the very rare fruit-orb of a tree from the closest town. This is a tree whose leaves contain poetry and lyrics and songs and cryptic information and whatnot, and there's an ancient order that maintains archives of everything that comes from it. They say that a knight came stole the fruit hundreds of years ago, but that they recently read that the orb would soon be found and would end a great evil (the Pit of Chaos!!!). Also, they helpfully gave the party a divining stick (like what people use to find water) which will lead them to the orb. It's really speeding things along. 
  • The archives management has sent some guards to help the party find the orb. There are usually 3 or 4 players, and 3-5 npcs. It's been going well.
  • They have a pet cat named Victoria who lives at the campsite. 
  • They've started running into members of the cult of Thanatos (reskinned Cult of Set, from the print version (so that I could connect all of this with the Caverns of Thracia someday)). One of the NPCs speaks a little Ancient Thracian, and they have a disguise...

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